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Help us protect Khronos trademarks by reporting misuse

The Khronos Group Inc. name or logo on a product or webpage tells you that you are getting a high quality, open source browser that has been tested and released by a member or Adopter of the Khronos Group. In order to make sure others are not using our trademarks to mislead users into downloading unofficial documentation, or buying products that are not conformant, we need your help.

There are several potential violations associated with the use of the Khronos Marks. Please use this form to report any of the following:

  • Displaying the logo or word mark on products that have not received Khronos conformance.
  • Claiming a product implements or supports a Khronos technology when the product has not received Khronos conformance.
  • Displaying a name for a conformant product on relevant media that does not accurately or adequately reflect the relevant Khronos technology and conformance.
    • An Adopter may claim support or conformance even if the product is not conformant, if the intention is that their product will pass the conformance test review and if they clearly post the required text as outlined in the Khronos Trademark Guidelines.
  • Using Khronos Group trademarks (including logos) in any other way that violates our Trademark Policy (e.g. trademark is modified or used improperly or without permission for commercial purposes).
  • Websites distributing harmful products under Khronos Group trademarks
  • Websites using Khronos Group Marks to mislead the public into thinking the site is an official Khronos Group site or sponsored by Khronos Group
  • Websites distributing modified versions of specifications, or any of our Khronos specifications, and still using the trademark

While the uses of our trademarks described above are not allowed, there are a lot of ways our members and the community can use our trademarks without requesting permission. For more information, please review our Trademark guidelines.

Once you have reported a website or product, we will analyze it and, if necessary, take the appropriate action. If you would like to provide your email address so that we can follow up with you if we have questions, there is an optional email address field in the form below. We will only use your email address in connection with this report. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

This form is only for reporting websites or products that misuse Khronos Group trademarks. If you need to contact us about a different trademark matter, or about anything else, please visit our Contacts page for the right way to do so. If you have concerns about non-Khronos sites engaging in bad activities unrelated to Khronos Group trademarks, please don’t use this form and instead contact the owner of that website directly.

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Thank you for your help!