Khronos Logo Usage Guidelines - November 2014

Any developer or company can freely download the available Khronos API Specifications and implement and ship products using the specification completely free of charge, royalty or licensing. Use of the related Khronos API Word or Logo Trademark however has certain requirements.

Proper Logo Usage

Basic Information

The guidelines in this document pertain to the entire Khronos logos family (OpenGL®, OpenMAXTM, etc).

In each logo pack, the following files are provided:

Versions For Print

  • SPOT Color Vector (EPS) » CMYK Vector (EPS)
  • White Vector (EPS)

Versions For Web

  • RGB (PNG & JPEG- 500, 170, 100px high, SVG)
  • White (PNG - 500, 170, 100px high, SVG)

The version selected will depend on the medium and design of the communication and the method of reproduction. The intent is to provide maximum flexibility and readability against a variety of backgrounds. Please use the vector files whenever possible for best quality.


Color / White Logo Usage

Khronos proper color -  white logo usage

When choosing between color and white logos, always use the logo that provides the greatest contrast against the background. Typically the cutoff will be around 50% background brightness, but it may vary between logos.

Clear Space

Khronos minimum clear space

The height of a capital letter indicates the minimum clearance between the logo and other outside graphical elements.

Minumum Size

Khronos minimum logo size

Logos must not appear smaller than 0.3 inches high in print or 50px high in web usage.

Unacceptable Logo Usage

What NOT to do

Here are a few common, but unacceptable uses of the Khronos logo family. By simply placing the logo graphics as-is into your layouts, you can avoid almost all of these problems.

Unacceptable Khronos logo usage

Khronos Logo Family List of Color Values

Logo PMS color RGB value Hex code CMYK value Color Description
Khronos | Khronos w/tagline 186 + black 204_51_51 #CC3333 14_94_88_4 Red
Collada 7409 + black 241_164_43 #F1A42B 3_40_95_0 Golden Yellow
DevU 7542 145_155_201 #919BC9 44_35_3_0 Periwinkle Blue
EGL 187 174_17_22 #AE1116 21_100_100_15 Dark Red
glTF 376 135_197_64 #87C540 52_0_100_0 Lime Green
OpenCL OpenCL artwork and guidelines are available online.
OpenGL ES 2415 186_42_141 #BA2A8D 27_96_3_0 Reddish Purple
OpenGL SC Cool Gray 7 153_153_153 #999999 42_35_35_1 Medium Gray
OpenGL 7697 85_134_164 #5586A4 70_39_24_1 Wedgewood Blue
OpenKCam 363 60_153_50 #3C9932 78_16_100_3 Grass Green
OpenKODE 186 + black 204_51_51 #CC3333 14_94_88_4 Red
OpenMAX Family 2738 + black 57_58_147 #393A93 94_93_3_0 Violet
OpenML Warm Red 254_55_15 #FE370F 0_90_100_0 Bright Red-Orange
OpenSL ES Family 151 + black 255_132_14 #FF840E 0_60_100_0 Orange
OpenVG 7733 0_107_51 #006B33 90_33_100_24 Dark Green
OpenVX 186 199_5_6 #C70506 15_100_100_6 Red
OpenWF Family 188 + black 99_13_13 #630D0D 34_97_93_53 Maroon
SPIR 286 0_75_169 #004BA9 98_80_0_0 Royal Blue
StreamInput 326 51_166_160 #33A6A0 74_13_42_0 Turquoise
SYCL 166 243_90_28 #F35A1C 0_80_100_0 Deep Orange
Vulkan 187 164_30_34 #A41E22 24_100_99_18 Dark Red
WebCL 3165 20_83_97 #145361 90_56_48_27 Dark Teal
WebGL 201 153_0_0 #990000 25_100_100_25 Dark Red