Khronos Texture Software
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The KTX software consists of

  • libktx, a small library of functions for writing and reading KTX (Khronos TeXture) files and instantiating OpenGL®, OpenGL ES and Vulkan® textures from them.
  • The KTX tools including toktx for creating KTX files from Netpbm format images.

For information about the KTX format see the formal specification.

The software is open source software. See License and Attribution Notices for details.


Read the libktx Reference.

Current version is 3.0.0.

View the Revision History

KTX Tools

Read the toktx reference page.

Current version is 1.3

View the HISTORY.


libKTX is the work of Mark Callow based on work by Georg Kolling and Jacob Ström with contributions borrowed from Troy Hanson and Johannes van Waveren.

The libKTX tests are also the work of Mark Callow with some contributions borrowed from Sascha Willems' Vulkan examples and use Sam Lantinga's libSDL for portability.

toktx is the work of Mark Callow.