Software Architect

Software Architect

Bolt Graphics

Location: US/Canada
Categories: OpenCL, OpenGL, SPIR, SYCL, Vulkan
Job Type: Remote, Full-time

As the Software Architect, you will be leading teams building low-level software and drivers on Linux, macOS, and Windows to enable a new class of datacenter GPGPUs, spanning OpenGL/Vulkan, OpenCL/SYCL, and DirectX/DXR. You will work closely with our System Architect in a Co-CTO capacity.

You Have:
- Mastery of C, C++, HLSL, LLVM, .NET, or Clang (development and debugging)
- Mastery of OpenGL, Vulkan, or OpenCL/SYCL
- A deep understanding of the modern graphics pipeline, techniques, tools, and production workflow
- Experience managing conflict and making critical decisions
- Experience leading medium or large and complex teams (preferably distributed; at least 4 years)
- Experience with major graphics techniques like filtering, mipmapping, deferred rendering, MSAA, and color spaces
- Familiarity with DirectX 12 and 11, including Direct3D
- Familiarity with game development, game engines, or professional 3D applications
- Familiarity with ray-tracing techniques like Monte Carlo, pathtracing, TLAS/BLAS, and BVH
- Familiarity with HPC workloads
- Excellent communication and teamwork skills
- A track record of shipping quality products on time
- A BS in Computer Science or equivalent professional experience
- 10 years of software engineering experience

Posted: October 19th, 2020