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Khronos Technology Job Board

Senior 3D Graphics Software Engineer

Company: LunarG
Location: Fort Collins, Colorado or Remote
Categories: Vulkan, OpenXR, OpenGL ES, OpenGL
Job Type: Remote, Onsite, Full-time

Looking for a new challenge? Want to help drive the Vulkan API standard forward in the industry? LunarG is looking for talented 3D graphics software developers to help us deliver world-class, 3D graphics solutions. What do we mean by that? We create and troubleshoot graphics drivers, developer tools, SDKs, and Vulkan and OpenXR ecosystem components for the game console, desktop, and mobile markets.

LunarG is an independent, software consultancy that will provide you with the opportunity to work on an interesting variety of technologies. Our projects range from open source to proprietary, working with a wide range of clients across the game development, AR/VR, medical, and GPU markets. Many of our projects support open standards from Khronos and provide the satisfaction of contributing to and supporting Khronos’ open standards.

We pay competitively with strong bonuses. Our company culture is an environment that fosters teamwork and collaboration. LunarG strives to shed itself of large-company overhead and inefficiencies that don’t provide direct value to our business, clients, and employees. There is transparency from management and employee participation in decision-making. All positions can be 100% remote, on-site, or hybrid. Go to the Careers page of for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

Posted: November 3rd, 2022