Hardcore Graphics Programmers - Autonomous Drive

Hardcore Graphics Programmers - Autonomous Drive


Location: Helsinki, Finland (or remote)
Categories: Vulkan, OpenCL, OpenGL ES
Job Type: Remote, Onsite, Contract, Full-time, Part-time
Contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We have a no BS need for what the title of this job post suggests: hardcore + intuitive and ‘wow’ experience in graphics APIs (Vulkan, Metal, DirectX 12), C++, and modern rendering techniques. Amateurs need not apply (no offense), we are looking for Pros! Remote is cool, relocating to Finland works for us as well.

We already have these competences actually, but we want to find more amazing human beings who can bring some more, as we continue to level-up our graphics skills. We are willing to let you decide your involvement / capacity regarding your day-to-day commitment. In other words, you want to code only? You got it. You want to render in your underwear? Fine. You prefer to step up and lead projects? By all means. We are a professional collection of incredibly smart and cool people, who genuinely enjoy what we do. And we don’t have the insane stress of gaming company crunch nonsense.

BASEMARK, a Finnish-based software product company, is positioned at the junction of graphics and compute with high-end capabilities optimized for automotive. We are world-class experts in real-time 3D graphics, compute programming and design. We have the customers, we have the profitable services business, we have the technology, and we are scaling up our tech by productizing it and adding more and more compute and graphics capabilities as we revolutionize autonomous driving. And now with a recent infusion of millions in cash we are hiring more world-class experts to help us in R&D to build our products to scale.
The Job:
You’ll get to work on creating a graphics and compute SDK for developers that will shake the earth and make millions. Take it where you want it to go, make the tools that you yourself would actually use and be proud of. You’ll be enabling embedded developers creating high performance next generation graphics and compute applications. Or you can have your pick of working on other cutting edge graphics products in our arsenal. Oh and we are poised to be the first company to take Vulkan ray-tracing to market, care to work on that?

We run a tight ship in terms of code quality and review standards, preventing regressions etc. We have an impressive DevOps organization, and our cohesive element has not suffered due to remote work. When you find the right colleagues, leadership, freedom to create and technologies and resources, the only thing remaining is the job itself. If you have these skills below, please get in touch with us right away:

C++ 11, 14, 17, 20
Metal, Vulkan
OpenGL ES, DirectX 11/12
GLSL, HLSL, shaders
Ray-tracing, compilers, wizardry, high midichlorian content

We offer you immense education and support to grow, regardless of your current stature. We also believe strongly in trusting our employees to bring the fire to creation and commitment. Think freedom + resources + inventiveness, all wrapped around an exciting path to create. We look for the best and most diverse talent available, and then nurture and fuel you to do and be better. Come see for yourself!

Please send your CV to jobs@basemark.com with the subject entitled ‘Hardcore Graphics’. We can’t wait to meet you!

Posted: February 2nd, 2021