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Khronos Technology Job Board

Graphics (WebGL) Engineer

Company: Phase
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Categories: WebGL, OpenGL ES, OpenGL
Job Type: Full-time

Phase has built a custom WebGL render engine from scratch, for high-performance interactive design files, which are fully editable.

Our graphics team builds the engine, the graphics editing on top of it, and works with the rest of the engineering team to integrate this with our product’s data model and UI. This isn’t about using open source WebGL libraries. It’s all custom built, from the ground up.

This role is for graphics engineers who go deep.

Job requirements

  • 5+ years minimum experience in the following
    • Fundamental knowledge of JavaScript (min ES6+), HTML5, and CSS and Node.js
    • Developing front end applications using Javascript UI libraries and Node.js frameworks
  • 3+ years minimum experience in the following React related technologies including but not limited to
    • Extending create-react-app based applications with styled components and TailwindCS
    • Installing, compiling and bundling with Webpack, Yarn and Node.js and NPM
    • Designing UI Components using React with Storybook
    • Design and development of performant optimised UI components that can scale to hundreds of instances in a Single Page Application.
    • TDD using Enzyme, Chai, Jest, Mocha
    • In depth knowledge in the use of Chrome DevTools for debugging and performance optimisation
    • Use of git workflow with source hosting services such as GitHub and GitLab
  • Developing graphical applications based on Canvas, WebGL and React.js
  • Experience in developing multi-tab SPA and handling concurrency issues.
  • Experience in Multi User Application development and offline support
  • Working knowledge and experience in integrating React, WebGL with webassembly
  • Working knowledge of leveraging web workers
  • In depth knowledge of UX principles and designer development workflow
  • Mac OSX / Linux / Windows 10 / WSL2 shell scripting and administration
  • Use of Docker Desktop for Mac OSX or Windows 10 or docker in native Linux
Posted: February 24th, 2022