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GPU Engineer at b2 Talent Solutions
Remote (United States or Canada)

Categories: Vulkan, OpenGL
Job Type: Remote
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A stealth startup is developing a new generation of software-defined photography. Featuring the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and computational imaging, they build mobile applications that empower the next generation of photographers.


  • Experience with GPU optimized implementations, parallel programming in general
  • Specifically solutions tailored to Qualcomm Snapdragon GPUs/ISP/DSP, e.g. using OpenCL

Useful Knowledge:

  • Related experience in Vulkan, CUDA, Metal, OpenGL, SIMD, Assembly
  • Kernel performance tuning, profiling, cache usage, memory access patterns / architecture optimization
  • Good Python (or Matlab) skills
  • Working knowledge of C/C++, Android or iOS development

Ideal Experience:

  • Worked with graphics, image processing & ML / Computer Vision algorithms and embedded / near real-time optimizations

- e.g. Stereo Depth estimation, Guided/Bilateral filtering, style transfer, iterative algorithms, BLAS, ISP functions (demosaic, denoise etc.

  • Knowledge of camera calibration, optics, color science, image quality all useful
  • Familiarity with Deep Learning implementations for imaging (UNet, Pix2Pix etc) with PyTorch and Embedded optimizations / model compression would be helpful

Nice To Have:

Experience with low level device drivers, hardware interfaces, image sensors, FGPA implementations

Posted: May 16th, 2021