glTF Asset Auditor
Welcome to the Khronos glTF Asset Auditor!

This is a web-based example implementation of the gltf-asset-auditor. It allows you to quickly check a glTF file for a specific use case, defined by an audit profile. Use cases could include publishing to a specific retailer or advertising platform. The Khronos Group invites companies to provide a link to their audit profiles for us to publish.

You can use the same npm package in your own Node or browser-based project for automated 3D asset validation. See

1. Audit Profile (optional - recommended used by default)

The 3D Commerce recommended values are based on the Asset Creation Guidelines. You can edit these settings and download a json file for future use.

Upload Your Own

2. Product Dimensions (optional)

The dimensions of the product can be entered here and will be checked within the tolerance threshold specified by the schema.

JSON object structure is specified here.

Product Info JSON

3. 3D Model

Load the 3D model after editing / uploading the audit profile settings or some tests marked slow may not run properly.

3D Model (.glb/.gltf)

Your Data is Secure - All processing happens locally in your web browser. No data is sent to a server for remote / cloud processing.

Audit Report

Report will be generated after the model has been loaded.

This may take a minute if the file is large and slow tests are required.