Khronos Frequently Asked Questions


What is the minimal agreement our company has to get in with Khronos to access Conformance test Suite for OpenVG (till 1.1), OpenGL ES (till 2.0) and OpenWF drivers?

All Khronos members which have accepted the Conformance Test Source License Agreement (CTSLA) section of
the Member’s agreement can access all conformance test suites for those APIs
for which a conformance test program is in place for no additional fees
beyond the annual membership fee.

In order to submit a product for certification, there is a one-time adopter
fee of $10,000 for Members, $15,000 for non-members. The adopter fee is
one-time for the life of the API version and allows for unlimited product
submissions with no additional fees.

What is the relationship between SGI and Khronos Group?

SGI is not a member of the Khronos Group. Khronos licenses the OpenGL ES trademark from SGI. Khronos is authorized to run the OpenGL ES adopter program.

Is an OpenGL ES adopter required to comply with OpenGL licensing when they have an OpenGL ES conformant product?


We would like to know what membership will cost to obtain OpenVG and OpenGL, with the exact same type of membership?

The Khronos membership agreement includes a Conformance Test Source License Agreement (CTSLA). Members that have not excluded themselves from the CTSLA, have access to the conformance test source. Members wishing to claim conformance to OpenVG and OpenGL ES specifications would be required to execute the adopters agreement and pay the applicable fee for each API.

Current Adopter fees are available here: