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Is SGI a Khronos Group member?


How can a member be considered for demo or exhibit opportunities with Khronos?

When we have demo and speaking opportunities, we send out an “all hands call for participation” email to the “Khronos General” email list, asking for any interested members to contact the Khronos marketing team or the Work Group chair of the API that interests them.

After the general announcement, we then only email directly to the Work Groups (WGs) or the Work Group Chairs (WGCs). The WGCs will then seek out speakers and demoers from active participants. If you don’t actively participate in Work Groups, you will still see the opportunities over email at least once. You can find opportunities on our members events page and public events page.

We strongly suggest that both your technical and marketing associates sign up to the specific Work Groups that interest your company the most. Also, make sure you do not unsubscribe from the Khronos General mailing list in your account profile.

I was looking at the Khronos website member list and found out our company name is missing on the contributor list. Could you tell me who should I talk with to add our company logo and what the process is?

Please send to the Khronos Webmaster:

Your company logo: both a web logo (jpg, png or gif) and a print quality logo (vector eps or hi-res jpg or png)

A description of your company’s specific interests in technology and markets that relate to Khronos Group APIs, not your company’s ‘standard boilerplate.’
(An example: Digital Media Professionals Inc. is focusing on developing very high performance graphics processor based on revolutionary physical model based rendering which is covering wide range of graphics applications including high end gaming to embedded solutions. DMP will provide support for the OpenGL ES programming interface in our next generation visualization products.)

The Khronos IPR policy states that contributions may not be withdrawn once they are “accepted” by Khronos.  When does such acceptance occur?

The phrase “cannot be withdrawn once accepted” as rather vague as it is intended to communicate the spirit of contributions. Contributions should not be made unless the intention is for them to be covered by the IP framework so as to minimize disruption to the working group.

The legal framework for contributions is:

  • a reciprocal license is granted for essential claims, for any contribution, at the Board’s Ratification of a draft specification that incorporates that contribution
  • prior to Ratification, any member may issue an IP Disclosure Certificate to exclude specific essential claims from the reciprocal license - regardless of whether those claims are associated with a explicit contribution from the member or not


  • if a member makes verbal or written contributions that are never incorporated into a draft specification - there is no licensing obligation
  • if a member sees any contributions incorporated into a draft that would require the member to issue an IP Disclosure Certificate - the member should inform the working group as quickly as possible at a high-level without reference to specific claims
  • specific IP claims should never be disclosed or discussed outside a formally issued IP disclosure certificate - or through using the IP Committee Process
  • the working group will make the decision whether the draft specification should be updated to remove the contribution from the draft specification
  • if the contribution is not removed - the member may issue an IP Disclosure Certificate to exclude any essential claims from the reciprocal license at Ratification of the draft
We would like to know what membership will cost to obtain OpenVG and OpenGL, with the exact same type of membership?

The Khronos membership agreement includes a Conformance Test Source License Agreement (CTSLA). Members that have not excluded themselves from the CTSLA, have access to the conformance test source. Members wishing to claim conformance to OpenVG and OpenGL ES specifications would be required to execute the adopters agreement and pay the applicable fee for each API.

Current Adopter fees are available here:

Is there a membership that allows us to see and customize Khronos code, to accommodate our testing and API usage?

We have two Khronos membership levels, Contributor and Promoter. Both membership levels allow access to all development activity. Members are able to participate in any and all work groups and public events that are of interest. Member companies may exclude themselves from certain API activity simply by executing a document that allows a company to exclude itself from IP discussions on that topic. Members have access to all draft specs in progress, a vote at any working groups that you elect to participate in, a grant of the reciprocal IP license to ratified specifications, and access to the Khronos Conformance Test source for all its APIs for development purposes under the Conforomance Test Source License Agreement (CTSLA).

We are a Member of Khronos Group and have an Adopter Agreement for OpenGL ES. Our OpenVG team wants to access an OpenVG Conformance Package before the submission of actual Conformance Test. Is it possible to access the OpenVG Conformance Package and do we need an Adopter Agreement for OpenVG additionally?

Yes, as Khronos member you can get access to the Conformance Kit before paying for submission.

The only condition is signing of the Khronos Conformance Test Source License Agreement (CTSLA) by your company which is required only once, so quite likely it is in place already. If so, you should be able to get the test package from the Subversion repository right away.

This will give you access to the entire Conformance Test Suite (CTS). You can run all test cases internally and make sure that your implementation passes them. This isn’t equivalent to submission of your product for conformance.

If you don’t have access, please work with .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to put the Agreement in place.

I'm new to Khronos and want to catch up on the recent work group activity. What should I do?

The best way to catch up is to review the working group email lists archives for the technologies in which you have interest.

My company is a Khronos Member. Can I sign up for a work group email list using my personal email (Yahoo, Google etc) account?

No, to participate in the Khronos Working Group email lists, you must use an email account with a domain name that matches your parent company.  We require this for security reasons and maintain a very strict policy.  If you are a subcontractor to a Khronos members, you should try to obtain an email address from the Khronos Member company.

I want to enter a bug report into Bugzilla

Khronos members have access to the Members Only Bugzilla.  This information is described on in the Members Only area. To enter a bug report, simply create an account and submit your report.

I am logged into the Members Only area of the website and am able to view the Khronos Members Only Wiki, but I can't edit anything. It says that I need to log in?

The Wiki uses its own login system. Once you have reached the Wiki in the Members Only area, you can create a Wiki account that will let you edit any page on the Wiki.

How do I get access to the Members Only areas of the website?

If your company is a Khronos Member and membership dues are current, you can sign up as a company representative at  Your signup will usually be validated and approved within 48-72hr.  Note: Your email address must match the domain of your parent company.

If your company is not yet a member, then they need to complete a membership agreement and pay yearly dues before any representatives will be able to access the Members Only areas of the website.

My company is a Khronos Member. I am trying to access the SVN, but when I go to a particular folder and enter my username and password, I get an "access denied" error message. How do I get access.

Each SVN repositories has a unique set of permissions.  Some repositories and folders allow access to any registered Khronos member.  Other repositories related to the Conformance Tests for that technology, require that the member company has signed the Khronos Conformance Test Development Source Agreement.  Your company will need to sign this document for you to get access.  (Note:  the 2007 membership agreement has the CTDSA incorporated into the membership agreement, so new companies will have automatic access unless they specifically decline the terms of the CTDSA).