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XR Kaigi 2020
XR Kaigi 2020 Banner
December 8-10, 2020

Event is now over

Presentations and other assets from this event are presented here. For information on upcoming events, click here.

Japan's largest VR / AR / MR conference

XR Kaigi is a conference for all developers and creators interested in VR / AR / MR.

Today, VR / AR / MR has come to be used in a wide range of fields, from commercial applications such as training and 3D data utilization to entertainment content such as games and live events.

At XR Kaigi, developers and creators who challenge this new area of ​​XR communicate with each other, share know-how, and motivate for the future with the aim of "connecting, sharing, and enhancing each other." We are aiming for an event that will be enhanced throughout the industry.

Khronos Sessions

OpenXR Update / Interaction in OpenXR / Future-Proof XR

Speakers: Brent Insko, Ryan Pavlik, Lachlan Ford

OpenXR Update: The first part of this session will provide an overview of the OpenXR API; its development, usages, adoption, and extensibility and why application developers and hardware makers should be moving to this new standard.
Interaction in OpenXR: An important part of the OpenXR hardware independence is how interactions are modeled and handled: as "actions" rather than hardware state. We will discuss the basic handles involved in interaction, how to model interaction using action sets, actions, and interaction profiles, and walk through the actions and suggested bindings of the hello_xr sample app.
Future-Proof XR: The OpenXR API allows you to write XR apps that target many different systems, even those that do not exist yet! I order to take advantage of this capability and achieve maximum device compatibility, the API must used correctly. This talk will take you through some of those rules and identify possible pitfalls to avoid while developing using OpenXR.

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