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XR Immersive Enterprise 2020
XR Immersive Enterprise 2020 Banner
May 5-6, 2020

Event is now over

Presentations and other assets from this event are presented here. For information on upcoming events, click here.

XR Immersive Enterprise is the leading senior-level B2B conference for executives looking to unleash the potential of XR technology across enterprise. Bringing together global business leaders from AEC, Automotive, Manufacturing, Engineering, Retail, Pharma, Healthcare and more, the event is purpose built to look at how virtual, augmented & mixed reality are transforming training, collaboration, design, manufacturing and marketing across industry.

With leaders from the most pioneering enterprises and tech companies, you’ll identify where VR, AR & MR content and technology are having a real impact to help companies reduce costs, increase productivity and improve outcomes. Plus, you’ll get the latest market insights from top analysts and investors on where the opportunities are now…and what’s coming next.

Assess the biggest impacts of XR: Hear case studies from across industry verticals with deep dive sessions on how it’s revolutionizing training, collaboration, design & marketing

Overcome barriers to adoption: Get front line insights on how to navigate the hurdles to incorporating XR technologies into workflows across the business

Identify the right use-cases: Understand which technologies and platforms suit which purposes. And how to make sure you always pick the right applications for your business

Drive XR projects from POC to deployment: Find out how to get applications into practical use once proven

Find the right partners: Who’s going to help you really integrate the technology and address your pain points effectively to drive tangible business gains?

AR, VR OR MR? Learn which is right for which applications – and how to make sure you don’t waste time and money finding out

Get your projects to scale: Overcome the challenges of scaling XR in your business. Find out what it takes to get projects from concept to pilot to full-scale deployment

Approve the business case and demonstrate ROI: Get dozens of examples of where immersive technologies are helping companies improve productivity, drive efficiencies and reduce errors

Exclusive discount code is 5107KHRON100 (for XR Immersive Enterprise)

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