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XDC 2018
XDC 2018 Banner
September 26-28, 2018
Computer Science Faculty of University of A Coruña, A Coruña, Galicia, Spain

Photo taken by Gabriel González and used under CC-BY Generic.

XDC 2018 will take place in A Coruña, Galicia, Spain from Wednesday, September 26th to Friday, September 28th. This event will be hosted in the Computer Science Faculty of University of A Coruña and is organized by GPUL (Galician Linux User Group).


The conference is entirely free of charge. If you want to attend XDC2018 please add your name to the attendees page. Additionally please subscribe to the events mailing list where we may post updates.

Proposed Talks

Final schedule is yet to be post. A list of proposed talks covering Vulkan, OpenGL, OpenGL ES, OpenCL, SPIR-V, GLSL and OpenXR is located here.

  • Mark Janes - Mesa Continuous Integration at Intel (Vulkan CTS, OpenGL CTS, OpenGL ES CTS)
  • Jakob Bornecrantz - A look at the Agumented & Virtual Reality FOSS landscape (OpenXR)
  • Emil Velikov & Juan A. Suarez - Releasing and testing free opensource graphics drivers: the case of Mesa3D (Vulkan, OpenGL, OpenGL ES)
  • Emil Velikov - A look towards a robust GPU device selection in GL (OpenGL, OpenCL)
  • Mauro Rossi - android-x86 status update and graphics stack evolution (Vulkan LLVM)
  • Vedran Miletić - State of AMDGPU and Clover in the open source GPU computing ecosystem (OpenCL, LLVM)
  • Emil Velikov - A look towards a robust GPU device selection in GL (Vulkan, OpenCL)
  • Ryan Houdek - Improving the Vulkan ecosystem with HLSL (Vulkan, SPIR-V)
  • Kenneth Graunke - Optimizing i965 for the Future (Vulkan, OpenGL, VR)
  • Jason Ekstrand - State of the Intel Vulkan driver (Vulkan, Wine)
  • Jason Ekstrand - Untitled Vulkan break-out kick-off (Vulkan)
  • Alejandro Piñeiro - ARB_gl_spirv implementation on Mesa: status update (Vulkan, OpenGL, OpenCL, GLSL, SPIR-V)
  • Karol Herbst & Rob Clark - OpenCL support inside mesa through SPIR-V and NIR (OpenCL, SPIR-V, LLVM)
  • Elie Tournier - What’s new in the virtual world? (Vulkan, OpenGL, OpenGL ES)
  • Keith Packard - Improving frame timing accuracy in Mesa, DRM and X (Vulkan)
  • Zach Reizner - Crostini Graphics (Linux Apps for Chrome OS) (OpenGL)

Code of conduct

XDC is meant to be a technical conference where everyone can enjoy themselves. To this end, we will ask you to be kind to each-others and check out our Anti-Harassment Policy.

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