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WebGL Meetup March 2021
WebGL Meetup March 2021 Banner
March 17, 2021

Event is now over

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March 17, 2021 at 9-10:30 AM PT

Please join us for a virtual WebGL™ Meetup! The Khronos Group will be hosting a variety of exciting speakers showcasing their latest technology. The meetup will conclude with a lively Q&A discussion, so register now and let us know what you’d like to discuss!

Topics will include:

  • Ken Russell, (Google): (Slides) WebGL update
  • Anders Leino  (NVIDIA): (GitHub) Driver bug deep dive starting from WebGL/ANGLE
  • Ib Green ( (Slides - Slides) Overview of the structure and features of the framework suite and how Unfolded's open governance model works
  • Philip Taylor (Zea): (Slides) Zea Engine - a high-performance WebGL-based visualization engine for CAD and professional graphics
  • Ivan Popelyshev (CrazyPanda): (Slides) WebGL-related problems The Household encountered moving players to WebGL from Flash (1 gigapixel of assets, 4 years of work)
  • William Eastcott  (Playcanvas): (Slides) The latest advancements in the PlayCanvas graphics engine, including run-time lightmap generation, shader generation & optimization, and more...


Damon Hernandez
Damon Hernandez, Meetup Host, IDEAbuilder
Ken Russell
Ken Russell, WebGL Chair, Google
Anders Leino
Anders Leino, Sr. System Software Engineer, NVIDIA
William Eastcott
William Eastcott, CEO & Co-founder, PlayCanvas
Ib Green
Ib Green, Co-founder & CTO, Unfolded
Philip Taylor
Philip Taylor, Founder, Zea
Ivan Popelyshev
Ivan Popelyshev, Programmer, CrazyPanda

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