WebGL Camp Slated for March 2012

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March 16 2012

JHT Inc., an Orlando-based training and technical data firm, announced today that they will host the first WebGL Camp held outside the bay area on Friday, March 16 at The MEZZ in downtown Orlando.

WebGL is cross-platform API that extends the HTML 5 canvas element, enabling the creation of interactive 3D media within the web browser without the requirement of any plug-in.

Aimed at providing top WebGL developers with a forum to present updates on their latest projects and framework/tool designs, Camp Orlando 1.0 is the fifth in a series of industry events that will include up to 100 national attendees as well as a live stream for international users.

Camp organizer Monte Watson, an attendee of WebGL camps hosted at Stanford University, Google, and Mozilla stated, “Having attended the last three camps in the bay area, I have seen WebGL grow from its experimental stage. The momentum for this technology continues to grow and we are seeing its adoption by developers and businesses. I am happy we have this opportunity to share information about WebGL with the local Central Florida community. This will be a great venue to exchange news, ideas and developments regarding the WebGL standard, its frameworks and tools. Attendee will be able to see examples of this technology in existing business models, products, and demonstrations.”

Complete Those wishing to present at WebGL Camp Orlando, or sponsor the event WebGL Camp Orlando 1.0 attendees are encouraged to register on Eventbrite.com. Those wishing to present at WebGL Camp Orlando, or sponsor the event can find details about the event at www.jht.com/WebGLCampOrlando.