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Vulkan Webinar
Feb 18, 2016, 9:00am (PT)
Online Webinar

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What’s Vulkan all about? Learn more about this upcoming new graphics and compute API directly from Khronos, the people who have been creating it. In this 1-hour session, we will talk about the API, and also go into details about the Vulkan SDK from LunarG, and much more. We’ll of course end with a Q&A session.

Second Webinar


  • Neil Trevett: President of the Khronos Group
  • Karen Ghavam: CEO of LunarG

Standing by to answer questions

Vulkan Working Group Chair:

  • Tom Olson, Director Graphics Research, ARM

Vulkan Working Group Members:

  • Graham Sellers, Engineering Fellow, AMD
  • Jesse Barker, Principal Software Engineer, ARM
  • Jon Ashburn, Principal Engineer, LunarG
  • Karl Schultz , Principal Engineer, LunarG
  • Jeff Bolz, Distinguished Engineer, NVIDIA
  • John Kessenich, Staff Software Engineer, Google

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