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Tokyo OpenGL ES Programming Training - Advanced Course_

May 11, 2007
DMP Seminar Room 7F Mitaka Takagi Building. 1-15-5 Nakacho, Musashino-shi,Tokyo 180-0006 Japan

Event is now over

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PDF Overview

This course demonstrates the more sophisticated techniques possible using the OpenGL ES 1.1. By explaining the techniques required to generate images of greater realism, the course provides deeper insights into OpenGL ES functionality. Also, this course refer to performance aspects of OpenGL ES application and basic concept of OpenGL ES 2.x.

After this course is completed, a developer should walk away with the following skills:
1. To be able to implement some visual effects using OpenGL ES 1.1 standard.
2. To be able to give concideration to perfomance aspects of OpenGL ES 1.1 application.
3. To understand besic concept of OpenGL ES 2.0

Prerequisites: Programming knowledge (especially C), a good grasp of computer graphics concepts and familiarity with basic topics of the OpenGL ES 1.1. This course are held in Japanese.

Tokyo DMP OpenGL ES Programming Course

Tokyo DMP OpenGL ES Programming Course Training Materials