The Next AI Platform: 2020 Edition

March 10, 2020
The Glasshouse, San Jose, CA

Please join us on March 10, 2020 at The Glasshouse in downtown San Jose, CA for an all-day event featuring the same in-depth conversations you expect from TNP (and from our sold-out Next AI Platform event last year ), live on-stage followed by a cocktail reception and evening dinner opportunities for networking with key people defining the next generation of AI infrastructure.

Khronos relelated speakers

“Co-Design Challenges, Opportunities for Next Generation AI”

Michael Wong is the Vice President of Research and Development at Codeplay Software, a Scottish company that produces compilers, debuggers, runtimes, testing systems, and other specialized tools to aid software development for heterogeneous systems, accelerators and special purpose processor architectures, including GPUs and DSPs. He is now a member of the open consortium group known as Khronos, MISRA, and AUTOSAR and is Chair of the Khronos C++ Heterogeneous Programming language SYCL, used for GPU dispatch in native modern C++ (14/17), OpenCL, as well as guiding the research and development teams of ComputeSuite, ComputeAorta/ComputeCPP. For twenty years, he was the Senior Technical Strategy Architect for IBM compilers.