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The Graphical Web 2015

September 23-26 2015
Slippery Rock University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Event is now over

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The Graphical Web 2015 is being organised by Slippery Rock University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, over 4 days from Wednesday September 23rd through to Saturday September 26th. The event will be of interest to a broad range of attendees, from graphics professionals right through to data journalists keen to understand the potential of new technology to enrich storytelling on the web. The first 3 days will be conference sessions, with keynote talks from industry experts, with the final day reserved for training sessions and workshops on the latest graphics technologies and techniques. Sessions will be available for complete beginners through to experienced professionals.

The Khronos Group is proud to be a sponsor of The Graphical Web 2015.


The state of WebGL and glTF

Patrick Cozzi Analytical Graphics, Inc., Principal Graphics Architect | 10:30 – September 23 | Track 1, Ballroom A

At Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI), Patrick leads the development of Cesium, an open-source WebGL virtual globe and map engine. He is the editor of WebGL Insights, coeditor of OpenGL Insights, coauthor of 3D Engine Design for Virtual Globes, and a member of the editorial board for the Journal of Computer Graphics Techniques. Patrick frequently presents at SIGGRAPH and contributes to other book series. He is a member of Khronos and teaches GPU Programming and Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned a master's degree in computer science.

From games to mapping to virtual reality, WebGL has brought hardware-accelerated 3D graphics to the web across all platforms and devices. This talk presents the latest news in the WebGL ecosystem: tools, engines, demos, developer resources, and a peak at WebGL 2 features. In addition, we introduce and present the latest news on glTF, the runtime asset format for WebGL, including progress on the spec and geometric compression.

Flat Design with WebGL

Alvin Ourrad, Goodboy Digital, Developer | 11:00 – September 23 | Track 1, Ballroom A

A lover of open source, my notable contributions include Phaser and pixi.js. I also experimenting with interactivity in the browser. Currently working on pushing the boundaries of games on the web for Goodboy Digital. Goodboy are the makers of pixi.js and an award-winning digital agency based in London.

The features at our disposal in the browsers have come a long way, we now benefit from graphic technologies like SVG and WebGL that enable us to create rich animations and interactions that are available in a range of platform that we've rarely been able to reach with one single programming language. So, we've all seen these cool 3D websites made by these cool people, proudly powered by WebGL, but how about the rest ? How about harnessing these new capabilities to enhance your everyday content that has been, so far, traditionally flat ? Despite the fact that WebGL Webcam experiments have made people more aware that image processing on the web is now possible, it's just one single trick and there are many more that are available to you, including but not limited to : rich transitions, triangle meshes, skeletal animations, displacement maps, sphere maps, ambient occlusion, and more, only the sky is the limit! In this talk I would like to talk about how you can leverage these scarcely-exploited tools and techniques to bring your 2d content to another level, and maybe have a look at what the future holds with WebGL2 and what it will change for developers (if time permits it).

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