The 2015 International Conference on Field-Programmable Technology

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December 7-9 2015
Rydges Lakeland Resort, Queenstown, New Zealand

FPT is the premier conference in the Asia-Pacific region on field-programmable technologies including reconfigurable computing devices and systems containing such components. Field-programmable devices promise the flexibility of software with the performance of hardware. The development and application of field-programmable technology have become important topics of research and development. Field-programmable technology is widely applied, in high-performance computing systems, embedded and low-power control instruments, mobile communications, rapid prototyping and product emulation, among other areas.


Overview of Altera's Cyclone V SoC Devices and Design Tools

When: 9am - 5pm, 10th December 2015

Workshop Outline:

ARM bare-metal programming

  • Introduction to the Cyclone V Hard Processor System (HPS) with ARM Cortex-A9
  • Introduction to ARM Assembly Language
  • Compiling assembly and C-language programs
  • Creating a Qsys system with ARM
  • Communicating between ARM programs and FPGA-side components

Using Linux on Altera Cyclone V SoC devices

  • Compiling Linux programs
  • Programming the FPGA from Linux
  • Communicating between Linux programs and FPGA-side components
  • Creating Linux drivers for FPGA components

Altera OpenCL SDK

  • Overview
  • Writing an OpenCL application
  • Optimising Altera OpenCL designs

Intended audience:

Anyone interested in designing embedded systems using Altera SoC devices comprising ARM + FPGA, or wishing to get introduced to the Altera OpenCL SDK.

Participants will use the Altera DE1-SoC board to:
  • Create embedded systems containing ARM, using the Qsys system integration tool
  • Create baremetal and Linux programs that communicate with FPGA-side components
  • Create Linux drivers for FPGA components
  • Learn how to use the Altera OpenCL SDK, and execute sample OpenCL applications

OpenCL related Accepted Technical Papers and Posters

Oral Session O4:

  • Hetris: Adaptive Floorplanning for Heterogeneous FPGA
    Kevin E. Murray and Vaughn Betz.
  • Analyzing the Divide between FPGA Academic and Commercial Results
    Elias Vansteenkiste, Henri Fraisse and Alireza Kaviani.
  • OpenCL Library of Stream Memory Components Targeting FPGAs
    Jasmina Vasiljevic, Paul Chow, Paul Schumacher, Fernando Martinez Vallina, Ralph Wittig and Jeff Fitfield.
  • Exploring Pipe Implementations using an OpenCL Framework for FPGAs
    Vincent Mirian and Paul Chow.

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