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Tech Soup OpenGL 3 Training
January 11-14, 2010
San Francisco Bay Area

Event is now over

Presentations and other assets from this event are presented here. For information on upcoming events, click here.


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  • DAY 1
    • Introduction to OpenGL3 & Viewing
      • What OpenGL 3 does and why to learn it.
      • How to view in 3D and setting up a virtual camera.
    • Modeling & Texturing
      • What you can create in OpenGL 3; how to generate geometry.
      • Art school color fundamentals, creating texture coordinates, and making normals for lighting.
  • DAY 2
    • The OpenGL Shading Language
      • What GLSL does and why to learn it.
      • Supplanting traditional OpenGL with GLSL.
      • How to write GLSL programs; vertex and pixel shaders.
      • Geometry shaders and more!
    • Animating
      • Disney-style animation fundamentals turned into code.
      • Offloading animation onto the graphics card.
  • DAY 3
    • Lighting
      • Hollywood lighting fundamentals.
      • Lighting models.
      • Shadows.
    • Rendering and Image Processing
      • Material fundamentals and using GLSL shading.
      • OpenGL's hardware buffers and how to use them.
      • Image processing in hardware.
  • DAY 4
    • Interaction Techniques
      • Using input devices.
      • Methods for manipulating objects.
      • How to do selection.
    • Tips and Tricks
      • Math on graphics hardware.
      • Special effects.
      • Questions from the audience, answered in code.

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