PPoPP’16 - SYCL Programming Workshop

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March 13, 2016
Barcelona, Spain

PPoPP is the forum for leading work on all aspects of parallel programming, including foundational and theoretical aspects, techniques, languages, compilers, runtime systems, tools, and practical experiences. In the context of the symposium, “parallel programming” encompasses work on concurrent and parallel systems (multicore, multithreaded, heterogeneous, clustered systems, distributed systems, grids, clouds, and large scale machines). Given the rise of parallel architectures into the consumer market (desktops, laptops, and mobile devices), PPoPP is particularly interested in work that addresses new parallel workloads, techniques, and tools that attempt to improve the productivity of parallel programming, and work towards improved synergy with such emerging architectures.

PPoPP will be co-located with HPCA 2016, CGO 2016, CC 2016 and LLVM 2016.


SYCL 2016 - 1st SYCL Programming Workshop

The SYCL Workshop aims to gather together SYCL’s users, researchers, educators and implementors to encourage and grow a community of users behind the SYCL standard, and related work in C++ for heterogeneous architectures. This will be a half-day workshop.

Organising Committee

  • Paul Keir, University of the West of Scotland (UK)
  • Ruyman Reyes, Codeplay Software Ltd, Edinburgh (UK)

Program Committee

  • Jens Breitbart, TU Munich
  • Alastair Donaldson, Imperial College London, UK
  • Christophe Dubach, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Joel Falcou, LRI, Université Paris-Sud, France
  • Benedict Gaster, University of the West of England, UK
  • Vincent Hindriksen, StreamComputing, Netherlands
  • Christopher Jefferson, St. Andrews University, UK
  • Ronan Keryell, Xilinx, Ireland
  • Paul Keir, University of the West of Scotland, UK
  • Zoltán Porkoláb, ELTE, Hungary
  • Ruyman Reyes, Codeplay Software Ltd, UK
  • Francisco de Sande, Universidad de La Laguna, Spain
  • Ana Lucia Varbanescu, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Josef Weidendorfer, TU Munich

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