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Supercomputing 2018
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November 11-15, 2018
Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, Dallas, TX

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Khronos-related Schedule

BOF: Khronos SYCL: Distributed & Heterogeneous Programming in C++ for HPC 2018
 November 13
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Room: D168

Presented by:
Presented by Michael Wong (Codeplay)
Hal Finkel (Argonne National Laboratory)

After last year's successful Heterogeneous and Distributed Computing in C++ for HPC BoF, there was popular demand for continuing updates on the progress of adding these capabilities into ISO C++. We are close to finalizing C++20, and this BoF will provide updates from active participants in the standardization process on what is possible for C++20 and for C++23.

There are a number of C++ frameworks for parallel programming, including HPX, KoKKos, Raja, C++AMP, HCC, Boost.Compute, CUDA, and more. SYCL, from Khronos, provides heterogeneous computing built on OpenCL and C++, and Codeplay has released ComputeCpp Community Edition.

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