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Supercomputing 2016
Khronos at SC16
November 13-18, 2016
Salt palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, Utah

Event is now over

Presentations and other assets from this event are presented here. For information on upcoming events, click here.

Join Khronos at Supercomputing for a look at how OpenCL along with SYCL, SPIR, and Vulkan are playing their parts in HPC today.

Bookmark this web page as your information hub to everything Khronos at SC’16.

Visit the Khronos Booth #304

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Visit us in the Khronos booth!

We will have people in the booth from the Khronos working groups who can answer your technical questions about OpenCL, SYCL, and SPIR.

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We're giving away more than a place to sit and interesting talk about our favorite technologies. Get your free HPC t-shirt, OpenCL sticker, and reference guides for OpenCL and SYCL at the Khronos booth.

Booth Talks and Beer

Join us in the booth at 4pm on Tuesday and Wednesday to have a free beer and talk with Khronos members.
Also, Khronos members Xilinx and Codeplay will be in the booth to answer questions, give talks, and show demos:

Date/Time Presenter Presentation
Monday 6-9pm
Tuesday 10-12pm
Tuesday 2-4pm
Wednesday 10-2pm
Thursday 10-12pm
Thursday 2-3pm
Ronan Keryell
  • SYCL Intro & triSYCL Open Source Implementation Demo
Wednesday 3:30pm Michael Wong
Codeplay Software
  • Heterogeneous C++ dispatch: Comparing SYCL to HPX, KoKKos, & Raja
Tuesday 10-2pm
Tuesday 4-6pm
Wednesday 2-6pm
Thursday 12-2pm
Ruyman Reyes
Peter Žužek
Codeplay Software
  • Khronos SYCL Parallel STL Open-source Project
  • Getting Your Hands on SYCL Using the ComputeCpp Community Edition

Khronos Panel:
Bringing About HPC Open-Standards World Peace

Date: Wednesday, November 16th
Time: 10:30am - 12pm
Location: 255-BC

Khronos SuperComputing OpenCL SYCL SPIR

This year at SC we want to show where OpenCL fits in with the larger pantheon of open standards for HPC. This panel includes a range of standards body members and vendors to discuss the topic of open standards for HPC. Our panelists are experts with a diverse point of view, not only on where HPC is today, but where we should go  from here. 

Moderator: Andrew Richards
OpenCL: Tim Mattson
OpenMP: Bronis R. de Supinski 
MPI: Martin Schulz 
HSA: Greg Stoner 
OpenACC: Michael Wolfe 
ISO C++: Michael Wong 
ISO Fortran: Kelvin Li  

Khronos-related Courses, Papers, and Sessions

Harnessing the Power of FPGAs with Altera’s SDK for OpenCL
Monday, Nov 14
8:30am – 12pm
View website
Room 355-F In this tutorial, you will learn why Field Programmable Gate Arrays have become so popular in HPC and have been outpacing the overall semiconductor industry in terms of adoption and growth. Furthermore, we will cover architectural features, such as hardened floating point DSPs and on-chip memory, of FPGAs that make them well suited to many applications traditionally run on multicore CPUs and GPUs at much higher performance per watt. In addition, we will introduce programming FPGAs using Altera’s SDK for OpenCL and how specific OpenCL coding techniques can lead to efficient circuits implemented on the FPGA. Finally, we will go over several case studies where FPGAs have shown very competitive performance when programmed using OpenCL, including convolutional neural nets, FFTs, and astronomy de-dispersion algorithms.

Khronos Members and Associates Exhibiting

Participating Companies

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