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SIGGRAPH Asia 2011 Hong Kong

Khronos Event
December 13-15, 2011
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

Event is now over

Presentations and other assets from this event are presented here. For information on upcoming events, click here.

Khronos Group Returns to SIGGRAPH ASIA for the Fourth Time!

Expo Hours are:

  • Tuesday, 13 December 09:30 - 18:00 | Hall 3G
  • Wednesday, 14 December 09:30 - 18:00 | Hall 3G
  • Thursday, 15 December 09:30 - 17:00 | Hall 3G

You are invited to exciting Hong Kong to see numerous Khronos members demonstrate on the "Khronos Pavilion" and teach about Khronos APIs at "Developer University"

Following our successful participation at SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 in Seoul Korea, the Khronos Group is excited to demonstrate and educate about Khronos APIs at SIGGRAPH Asia 2011 in Hong Kong. This year we will offer many Khronos "DevU" educational sessions co-located with SIGGRAPH Asia educational sessions, and Khronos members will join together in numerous demonstration suites to offer a large number of exciting demos on the SIGGRAPH trade show floor. SIGGRAPH Asia Hong Kong is an ideal opportunity for international standards bodies such as Khronos to effectively outreach to the Asian graphics community and keep the information flowing. We look forward to seeing you there!

Khronos DevU

Khronos Event

Date: December 14 & 15
Time: 10am - 5pm
Location: Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
Room: Room S228
URL: Dec 14 / Dec 15

This DevU is open to all SIGGRAPH ASIA attendees at no additional cost.

For the last eleven years, Khronos technology experts have taught developers and members of the press about the Khronos standards ecosystem. Khronos standards are fundamental to many of the technologies you will see on display at SIGGRAPH Asia. If you manufacture or develop multimedia content for games, DCC, CAD or mobile devices, you should attend Khronos Group's DevU (Developer University) to learn about these new industry standards for royalty-free multimedia development:

  • Applications driving next-generation handset requirements
  • Opportunities opened up by innovation and standardization in graphics and mobile gaming
  • Technological advances in multimedia handset technology

Wednesday December 14

Thursday December 15

10:00 - 10:45 Neil Trevett VP of Mobile Content, NVIDIA, Khronos President
Overview - Welcome Remarks & Review Agenda - Khronos digital media ecosystem
10:45 - 11:00 Break 1 - COFFEE & BIZ CARDS
11:00 - 11:20 Erik Noreke, Independent, Khronos Business Development
KITE Certification - New Conformant teaching tools
11:22 - 12:07 Dave Shreiner, Director of Graphics Technology, ARM – OpenGL 4 Update 11:22 - 12:07 Tom Olson, Director of Graphics Research, OpenGL ES Work Group Chair (WGC) – 3D for Mobile Devices
12:09 - 12:45 Tomasz Bednarz, Computational Research Scientist, CSIRO - Connecting dots: science and visualisation 12:09 - 12:45 Erik Noreke, Technology Visionary, OpenSL ES WGC – Enhancing the 3D Experience
12:45 - 14:15 Break 2 - Conference Lunch
14:15 - 14:50 Nakhoon Baek, Professor, Kyungpook Nat'l University –  OpenGL SC 14:15 - 15:07 Hwanyong Lee, Chief Technical Officer, HUONE – OpenVG overview : implementations and applications
14:52 - 15:40 Kari Pulli, NVIDIA 15:07 - 15:58 Erik Noreke, Technology Visionary, OpenMAX AL WGC – Completing the Multimedia Architecture
15:40 - 15:55 Break 3 16:00 - 16:15 Break 3
15:55 - 16:40 Erik Noreke, Technology Visionary, OpenMAX AL Work Group Chair- Overview of StreamInput 16:15 - 17:00 Neil Trevett, VP of Mobile Content, OpenCL WGC – WebGL/CL Overview of OpenCL
16:40 - 17:40 Beer & Demos    

Khronos Pavilion for Member Booths

The Khronos Group is back as an exhibitor for its 4th year at SIGGRAPH Asia and this year numerous Khronos Members will take booths together in a large Pavilion. We are proud to offer:

  • An exciting array of Khronos member booths, each offering cutting edge demonstrations using Khronos technology… see listings below!
  • An on-booth theater with comfy seats showing looping technology presentations… drop in any time!

Khronos Members with Booths on the Pavilion

Information Pavillion Map
Khronos -


  • AlexVG™
    a 2D vector graphic solution for embedded systems. This is based on OpenVG and SVG which are standard of vector graphic and improves performance of graphic on mobile application programs and services.
  • AlexGL™
    a 3D graphic solution based on OpenGL ES and COLLADA for embedded systems.
  • cutting edge experiences on next-generation mobile devices with Mali-400
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 based games and advanced UI on Mali-200

Codeplay -

  • C++ working on an OpenCL GPU

Fixstars -

  • High Speed Global Illumination Renderer development Kit
  • H.264 AVC/MVC Software Encoder
    Product name: AccelcoderX

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Courses by Khronos Members

Modern OpenGL Programming

Monday 12 December | 09:00-18:00 | Room S224 + S225 | Link to main event page

Ed Angel: Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at the University of New Mexico and the Founding Director of the Art, Research, Technology and Science Laboratory.
Dave Shreiner: involved in presenting OpenGL related courses at SIGGRAPH since 1998.

Developing Visual Interfaces for Mobile Devices

Monday 12 December | 14:15-18:00 | Room S222 | Link to main event page

The popularity of mobile interfaces and application development is increasing along with the rapid expansion of the mobile electronics market and its migration from text-based applications to various multimedia applications. Real-time graphics and web applications are becoming one of the most attractive applications in mobile terminals due to their benefits for enterprise, gaming, and social media.

Of special interest is the section on Khronos APIs:

Session 2: 16:15-18:00
16:40-17:45 Kari Pulli: 3D graphics and cameras
16:40-16:50 OpenGL ES 1.1
16:50-17:00 OpenGL ES 2.0
17:00-17:15 WebGL

Benjamin Watson: Associate Professor of Computer Science at North Carolina State University. He earned his doctorate at the Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center of the Georgia Institute of Technology.
Vidya Setlur: Principal research scientist at Nokia Research Center. Vidya has taught mobile courses at conferences as well as at universities such as Carnegie Mellon University and San Jose State University. She earned her doctorate in Computer Graphics at Northwestern University.
Kari Pulli has worked for 20 years on visual computing, and 12 years on mobile visual computing. Since April 2011, he has been the Senior Director of Research at Nvidia, following an appointment as a Nokia Fellow at Nokia Research Center. He has previously organized and taught courses on mobile 3D graphics both at SIGGRAPH and Eurographics conferences, and has taught graphics and imaging at University of Oulu and Stanford University. He earned a PhD in computer science at University of Washington, Seattle, and was a Research Associate at Stanford University as well as a visiting scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Introduction to OpenCL

Tuesday, 13 December 09:00 - 10:45 | Convention Hall C | Link to main event page

The rapidly changing capabilities of modern Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) mean that developers need to understand how to combine parallel-programming techniques with the traditional interactive rendering pipeline exposed by OpenGL and Direct3D. This course demonstrates how to combine traditional rendering Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) with advanced parallel computation using OpenCL (Open Computing Language), a cross-platform API for programming parallel systems such as GPUs. The course presenters are experts on general-purpose GPU computation and advanced rendering from academia and industry, and have presented papers and tutorials on the topic at SIGGRAPH, Graphics Hardware, Supercomputing, and elsewhere. This tutorial provides an introduction to the OpenCL API, and presents multiple example application.

Justin Hensley: Senior Member of Technical Staff in AMD's Office of the CTO.
Derek Gerstmann: research fellow at the University of Western Australia.
Jason Yang: Senior Member of Technical Staff in AMD Inc.'s Office of the CTO.

OpenCL by Example - Advanced Topics

Tuesday 13 December | 14:15-18:00 | Room S222 | Link to main event page

This course provides an introduction to parallel-programming architectures and environments for interactive graphics. It also demonstrates how to combine traditional rendering Application Programming Interface (API) with advanced parallel computation. There are strong indications that the future of interactive graphics involves a more flexible programming model than today's OpenGL/Direct3D pipelines.

Justin Hensley: Senior Member of Technical Staff in AMD's Office of the CTO.
Derek Gerstmann: research fellow at the University of Western Australia.
Jason Yang: Senior Member of Technical Staff in AMD Inc.'s Office of the CTO.

Registration for events at SIGGRAPH

Registration is available on the Siggraph Asia website. Registration closed Sunday, 4 December 2011 at 23:59.

Hotel & Airport Info & Maps

SIGGRAPH ASIA 2011's host city is a sophisticated fusion of East and West; a city of diversity where new and old meets at every turn. It is a unique experience shaped by a distinctive past and dreams of the future; an age-old synthesis of cultures and traditions that opens a window into what will be, while embracing what has passed.

Join the celebrations come December 2011 when SIGGRAPH Asia travels to Hong Kong!

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