Mobile Entertainment World Program Guide (pdf).
(Also see the Shanghai Media Acceleration Forum)

"> Mobile Entertainment World Program Guide (pdf).
(Also see the Shanghai Media Acceleration Forum)

"> Mobile Entertainment World Program Guide (pdf).
(Also see the Shanghai Media Acceleration Forum)


Shanghai Mobile Entertainment World

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Apr 26-27, 2007
Shanghai Purple Mountain Hotel
778, Dongfang Road, Pudong, Shanghai 200122 PRC
Located in the Lujiazui financial and trade zone in Shanghai, China, less than two kilometers from Oriental Pearl TV Tower and The Bund
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Khronos OpenKODE for Portable Native Mobile Media Applications

Speaker: Neil Trevett (President Khronos Group & Vice President Embedded Content, NVIDIA)
Date/Time: April 27th, 10:00-10:40 AM
Location: Purple Mountain Hotel, Shanghai
Track: Mobile 3D & Programming
Format: 40-minute Lecture
Experience Level: All

Andy Tian, Strategic Partnership Development, Wireless Google
Matthew Snyder, Head of Business Development, Media Industry, Nokia Multimedia
Toni Fiedlen,Chief Representative, Coding Technologies AB Beijing Representative Office
Neil Trevett, Vice President of Embedded Content, NVIDIA (President, Khronos Group)

Session Description
Graphics and media acceleration in mobile handsets is one of the largest ever opportunities for both the hardware and software industries - but is being held back by fragmentation due to a lack of coherent native application software infrastructure. The Khronos Group is creating a royalty-free ecosystem of API standards for advanced dynamic media on handheld, console and embedded devices to provide the media acceleration foundation to turn this opportunity into economic reality. The presentation covers the key features and roadmap the newly announced OpenKODE initiative that is creating a native API suite to provide similar functionality to DirectX but in a cross-platform, open, royalty-free standard that will be streamlined for mobile devices. OpenKODE is being designed to enable sophisticated mixed media acceleration to enable handheld devices to deliver rich end-user experiences.

You will learn:
- How 3D and media processors are shipping into the mobile market and how OpenKODE will enable portable, native media applications
- The requirements, high-level functionality and roadmap for the OpenKODE initiative
- Latest news on Khronos activities - including specification and roadmap updates, announcements of conformance test programs and calls for participation

This is a high-level strategic overview for:
- Mobile developers planning a multi-handset development strategy
- OEMs planning to support native media acceleration
- Carriers exploring how mobile media can raise revenue
- Silicon and middleware vendors determining how to expose functionality to ISVs