SGI OpenGL 3.0 Programming - Fremont CA

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September 26-30, 2011
Fremont CA

The OpenGL Programming course helps application programmers master platform-independent graphics programming using OpenGL. Students learn to create interactive, animated applications displaying wire-frame and solid 3D models controlled by user input. Students add lighting, textures, and other effects to increase realism. Newer OpenGL topics such as using vertex-buffer objects for better performance, and vertex and fragment shaders for advanced shading techniques are introduced.

This course discusses both the classic fixed-function pipeline and the more modern programmable shader pipeline in OpenGL.

Students learn by developing OpenGL 3.0 applications (based on open-source frameworks: freeglut and GLEW - The OpenGL extension Wrangler) through a series of lab exercises on Linux-based systems.

Course Length: 4.5 Days