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Second International Workshop on OpenCL
Internation Workshop on OpenCL
May 12-13, 2014
Bristol University, England

Event is now over

Presentations and other assets from this event are presented here. For information on upcoming events, click here.

The meeting is open to anyone who is interested in contributing to, and participating in the OpenCL community. IWOCL is the premier forum for the presentation and discussion of new designs, trends, algorithms, programming models, software, tools and ideas for OpenCL. Additionally, IWOCL provides a formal channel for community feedback to the Khronos OpenCL promoters and contributors.

IWOCL brings together leading OpenCL experts from academia and industry, including many members of the OpenCL Khronos working Group. The agenda for 2014 includes:

  • Some of the first OpenCL tutorials from Altera, Qualcomm, ARM, Intel and ArrayFire
  • Keynotes from Eric Berdahl from Adobe and Neil Trevett, Chair of the Khronos OpenCL working group and Nvidia VP
  • 14 technical talks from leading OpenCL companies and academics
  • One of the first technical deep-dives into OpenCL SPIR (standard portable intermediate representations)
  • An exciting announcement regarding a new, higher-level model for OpenCL

Looking forward to see many of you in Bristol in May!

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