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Reboot Develop Blue 2019
Reboot Develop Blue 2019 Banner
April 11-13, 2019
Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Event is now over

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Reboot Develop Blue 2019 will be taking place from 11th to 13th of April 2019 in the legendary historical seaside city of Dubrovnik, also known as “real world King’s Landing” from HBO TV series Game of Thrones.  The conference will again take place at the luxurious conference resort – Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera.

Reboot Develop is a conference focused strictly on games industry professionals such as game developers, artists, audio artist (both seniors and indie), managers, PR, marketing experts, sales and publisher representatives.

Khronos Sessions & Panels

The following sessions and panel will cover different aspects of the Vulkan API. All sessions take place on the CROTEAM STAGE in HALL3. 

Halcyon: Rapid Innovation using Modern Graphics - 11:30 - April 11th

In order to innovate in this industry, the ability to rapidly prototype is essential. When developing a game engine, the best techniques at the time are implemented, and then users flood in and build amazing experiences with the technology. As more users rely on the technology, the ability to affect major architectural or visual change is greatly diminished due to risk and resources. Graphics is an area that improves frequently and requires constant evaluation of all the techniques to measure viability. Having an agile research platform act as a scout, alongside the large technology platform, greatly reduces or eliminates risk when evaluating and developing new techniques. In this talk, Graham will discuss the architecture behind SEED's R&D engine 'Halcyon', and how it enables exploration of advanced technology and future experiences with a focus on fast iteration and high performance.

  • Graham Wihlidal, SEED

Vulkan: Shipping 7 Platforms with a single GPU API - 17:30 - April 11th

How do you ship on as many platforms as possible whilst minimising tech overheads and maintenance? This talk offers a suggestion and will take a look into the latest developments with Vulkan, a powerful graphics and compute API with broad support from major hardware manufacturers. After a whistle stop review of Vulkan's past, we will cover some of the API's advantages as well as the realities of implementing it into your project. We will then look at recent developments and improvements that have been made based on developer and community feedback. The latter part of the session will cover the momentum building behind Vulkan as a whole and the wide array of platforms available with just a single API. Attendees should come away with more context on how Vulkan has progressed and the reasons why they should be seriously considering implementing the API now and in the future.

  • Kris Rose, Khronos

Some Seriously Explicit Lessons in Vulkan - 16:00 - April 12th

  • Alon Or-Bach, Samsung Electronics
  • Karlo Jez, Croteam

Turn your frame rate up to 60 with Vulkan on the Nintendo Switch - 17:30 - April 12th

Vulkan, Khronos’ open standard explicit graphics and compute API, is supported across multiple platforms – from embedded and mobile through to console and workstation. This session will explore the benefits as well as the challenges of bridging a wide range of markets and GPU designs with a single API. Come armed with your questions and opinions for a lively discussion with our panel on their experience of developing, implementing and using Vulkan.

  • Johannes Kuhlmann, Deep Silver Fishlabs

Vulkan – One API to rule them all – Exploring the benefits and challenges of a cross-platform GPU standard - 11:30 - April 13th

Moderator: Alon Or-bach, Samsung Electronics


  • Christian Forfang, Arm
  • Karlo Jež, Croteam
  • Graham Wihlidal, SEED

Create performant games with Vulkan and the Arm Mobile Studio - 12:30 - April 13th

  • Jose Emilio Munoz, Arm


To See the Reboot Develop Blue's Full Schedule, click here.

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