RealTime Conference 2021

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April 26-27, 2021

Conference summary: With real-time technologies growing at an unprecedented pace and shaping countless industries in its wake, the need for a unifying event to bring together the pioneers of today with the leaders of tomorrow has never been more important. Join us as we open up the conversation across industries too often siloed, from Architecture to Automotive, Design & Manufacturing, Virtual Production, and Digital Humans. We will address many exciting topics, from Real-Time in the Cloud to Edge Computing, Haptics & Interaction, Brain & Computer Interfaces and How to Collaborate in Spatial Environments, Merging Physical and Digital Worlds, Neural Rendering, Virtual Production, New Real-Time Reality for Sports, Deep Fakes, and much more!

Khronos Presentations

The Practical Metaverse - Standards as pertains to the Metaverse

Keynote speaker: Neil Trevett
Day and Time: Monday, April 26 at 5:10 - 5:30 PDT

3D digital and virtual spaces are becoming ubiquitous across education, work, and entertainment. This is the rise of the metaverse: digitally enhanced physical reality and virtual spaces. The metaverse will be built by four key components: hardware, web, assets, and applications. The pace of innovation requires cross-industry alignment on a constellation of standards, guidelines and best practices to enable the consistent creation and distribution of scalable cross-platform 3D and XR content. This presentation brings together perspectives on each area, drawn from the open standards working groups striving to build the metaverse.

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