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Qt World Summit 2019
Qt World Summit 2019 Banner
November 4-6, 2019
bcc Berlin Congress Center, Berlin, Germany

Event is now over

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Khronos Member Presentations

Modern OpenGL: Advanced Pipeline and Performance

Speaker: KDAB
Date and Time: November 4 | 9am - 5pm

This training explores strategies to increase the performance of new and existing OpenGL code, with multi-pass rendering and use of uniform buffers, shader storage buffers and indirect drawing to reduce driver overhead.

Why learn about advanced pipeline and performance?
Getting the best from available hardware resources, especially on constrained systems, means deeply understanding the costs of different graphics operations, and how to optimise the rendering architecture to meet visual requirements. This course teaches how to increase performance effectively.

Target audience: Developers wanting to create or improve existing rendering code, using every technique at their disposal to understand and maximise performance, and extract the full potential from their hardware.

Pre-requisites: Developers already working with OpenGL, comfortable with the basics of specifying geometry, writing basic shaders and working with image data.

Trainer: Giuseppe D’Angelo
Giuseppe is a software engineer at KDAB and an Approver in the Qt Project. He is a long time contributor to Qt, having used Qt and C++ since 2000. His contributions in Qt range from containers and regular expressions to GUI, Widgets and OpenGL. A free software passionate and UNIX specialist, before joining KDAB, Giuseppe organized conferences on opensource around Italy. He holds a BSc in Computer Science

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