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Panel: Dispelling Misperceptions in the World of VR/AR/XR
Panel: Dispelling Misperceptions in the World of VR/AR/XR Banner
August 1, 2023

Event is now over

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Join for a live panel discussion and Q&A about the applications of VR/AR/XR. Industry experts will share their insights and answer questions about the successes and challenges, including the role of open source. Unlock the possibilities of immersive technologies in gaming, business, and more.

Moderated by Open 3D Foundation Executive Director Royal O’Brien, this live panel discussion and Q&A will cover:

  • Applications of VR/AR/XR – Gaming and other business/industrial applications
  • Examining the progress of VR/AR/XR technologies: challenges and successes
  • Role of open source in solving challenges in the space, e.g. interoperability
  • How open standards (e.g. OpenXR) and open source address some of these challenges

Participants include:

  • Sid Moudgil, Senior Graphics Programmer, AWS
  • Alfredo Muniz CEO at Xeed and Chair of the OpenXR Working Group
  • Bastiaan Olij, Lead XR Developer for Godot
  • Ian Williams, Senior Director of Applied Engineering at NVIDIA


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