NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference Mobile Summit 2014

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March 24-27, 2014
McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, CA

The second year of NVIDIA's GTC Mobile Summit brings together an expanded program to explore the cutting edge of how advanced processors such as Tegra K1 are driving the evolution of mobile devices with the raw visual computing power of a supercomputer of just a few years ago.

This year's mobile summit includes a mix in-depth tutorials, rapid-fire sessions and hands-on programming labs and panel discussions to ensure you can find the level of information you need.

  • Insightful coverage of key ecosystem, technical and business issues driving the mobile industry
  • Sessions from industry leaders including Google, Pixar and many others
  • A showcase of innovative mobile GPU and multicore-accelerated application development
  • Insights into how advanced sensors and vision processing will transform rich UI device interaction
  • The latest in developing portable applications using the latest mobile Web and HTML5 capabilities
  • Exceptional networking with your peers, customers and key decision makers in the mobile ecosystem


Speaker Description
Neil Trevett
Khronos Open API Standards for Mobile Graphics, Compute and Vision Processing
Bill Polson
Making Subdivision Surfaces an Industry Standard with OpenGL, OpenGL ES and WebGL
Jan Hermes
Challenges in Industrial Visualization on Mobile Devices using OpenGL ES
Daniel Sievers
Chrome on Mobile at 60 FPS: Now and In the Future
Mark Kilgard
NVIDIA Path Rendering: Accelerating Vector Graphics for the Mobile Web
Tony Parisi
HTML5 and How the Mobile Web Was Won
Fabrice Robinet
Streamlined Transmission of 3D Assets with glTF
Victor Sand
WebGL Magic for Mortals (Not Everyone is a Wizard)
Iker Jamardo
HTML5 outside the browser survival guide: the challenges of hybrid apps and games

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