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Mobilephone Conference 2005
Mobilephone Conference 2005
Exhibition open hours:
July 14th 9:30AM-7:00PM
July 15th 9:30AM-6:00PM
Grand ballroom-Coex, Seoul, Korea

Event is now over

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  • Jon Peddie, TechWatch: "Mobilephone Convergence and the Evolution of Media Processor" 9:30am, Thursday 14th July.
  • Neil Trevett, Khronos: "Mobile Graphic Processing: Present and the Future" 9:30am, Friday 15th July.
  • OpenVG WG: "Mobile Vector Graphic Technology " 2:00pm, 15th July.
  • OpenMAX WG: "Codec Technology for Video processing in Mobilephone panel session" 4:00pm, 15th July.

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