Khronos API’s and COLLADA presented at GDC 2008

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February 19 - 22 2008
Moscone Center, San Francisco

COLLADA presence at GDC :: February 20 - 22, 2008.

There will be a COLLADA demo station on the Intel booth (#5917). Many ISV have been invited to demonstrate the power of their COLLADA tools.

Schedule: “Intel’s in the game with COLLADA pipelines!”

COLLADA Demo PodWednesdayThursday Friday
10AM-1PM Luxology - Bob Bennett SoftImage-Jen Goldfinch Luxology-Bob Bennett
1PM-4PM Adobe-Pete Falco Feeling-Christian LaForte Gamr7-Lionel Barret de Nazaris
4PM-6PM SoftImage-Jen Goldfinch Geomerics-Jules Davis

AMD presents at GDC :: February 19th 10:45am - 11:30am

Dave Astle, ISV Engineer, AMD has worked in the game industry for several years, and is currently a staff engineer in the Handheld Content Group at AMD. Previously, he played a key role in developing early OpenGL ES implementations at Qualcomm. He is the cofounder of, one of the leading sites serving the game development community, and has authored four books covering OpenGL and OpenGL ES.

Migrating from OpenGL ES 1.x to OpenGL ES 2.0

Session Description

In order to be more streamlined and efficient, OpenGL ES 2.0 supports only a programmable pipeline, completely removing direct support for the fixed function pipeline. This presentation will explore the implications of this change for mobile developers targeting 3D handsets, whether you are porting existing OpenGL ES 1.x content, or developing new content.

Idea Takeaway

You will know exactly what has been removed from the API in OpenGL ES 2.0, what new functionality exists, and how you should author content to best take advantage of the API and the underlying hardware.

Intended Audience

This presentation is for developers who are currently developing 3D titles for cellphones, or considering doing so in the future. Attendees should have a fundamental understanding of 3D, and some experience with desktop OpenGL or OpenGL ES is helpful.

NVIDIA presence at GDC ::February 21st 10:30am - 11:30am

Speaker Jeffrey Kiel Manager of Graphics Tools, NVIDIA Corporation

GPU Optimization with the Latest NVIDIA Performance Tools

Session Description

Find out how to take full advantage of your GPU using NVIDIA's suite of GPU performance analysis tools for both DirectX and OpenGL. Attendees will learn how to measure and correct GPU bottlenecks with PerfHUD, and to query performance counters with PerfSDK. The session will also cover profiling and accelerating fragment programs with ShaderPerf, as well as using GLExpert to identify OpenGL API usage and performance errors.