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Laval Virtual 2020
Laval Virtual 2020 Banner
April 22-24, 2020

For this “virtual” 22nd edition, Laval Virtual asserts its expertise and its role as a facilitator in virtual reality with 6 conference cycles: VRtical, TransVRsal, ConVRgence, Virtual World, Art and Tech Talk. A complete and visionnary programme with speakers and experts from all around the world.

Facing Covid-19, conferences, awards, meetings and the Art & VR Gallery of the Recto VRso Festival will be made available for free. A wonderful opportunity to gather and learn while staying at home. Welcome to the Laval Virtual World!

Khronos Related Presentations

Unifying Reality: Building Experiences with OpenXR

Speaker: Ryan Pavlik, Collabora
Dates and Time: Wednesday, April 22, 2020, 3:20 – 4:50 (CET)
Website: Click here

OpenXR is the open standard API for building VR and AR experiences that work across devices, now and into the future. With version 1.0 officially released at SIGGRAPH 2019, the standard has grown through increased adoption, vendor and multi-vendor extensions for additional functionality, and the upcoming release of the conformance test suite for verifying runtimes.

Learn how an OpenXR application is structured, how the "action"-based interaction system works, and ask your questions!

Building the Metaverse one open standard at a time – Khronos APIs and 3D asset formats for XR

Speaker: Neil Trevett, President, Khronos Group
Dates and Time: Thursday, April 23, 2020, 12:50 – 13:20 (CET)
Website: Click here

The Khronos Group industry consortium is developing open interoperability standards to enable, portable, cross-vendor Augmented and Virtual Reality engines, application and devices. Come hear the latest updates and roadmaps for OpenXR, Vulkan, glTF, WebGL, 3D Commerce and more.

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