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Khronos Virtual Open House China 科纳斯虚拟形式的开放接待
Khronos Virtual Open House China 科纳斯虚拟形式的开放接待 Banner
February 2, 2021

Event is now over

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Join us for the China Virtual Open House!

February 3, 1pm - 2:30pm CST (+8 UTC)
中国时间2月3号下午1:00pm - 2:30pm (+8 UTC)

This webinar is an introductory level summary of the most recent efforts within the Khronos Group.

We will open with a brief introduction to the Khronos Group, then dive into the latest developments from our Working Groups including:

  • glTF (GL Transmission Format), a specification for the efficient transmission and loading of 3D scenes and models by engines and applications. Included will be an overview of the newly available Physically Based Rendering extensions, which allows developers and artists to achieve photorealism through rendering
  • 3D Commerce, a Working Group devoted to creating specifications and guidelines to align the 3D asset workflow for online retail, so that 3D representations of products can be experienced realistically and consistently across all devices.
  • OpenXR, an open standard that provides high-performance access to Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) platforms and devices
  • Vulkan, a new generation graphics and compute API that provides high-efficiency, cross-platform access to modern GPUs.Also included in this session will be:
  • Vulkan Ray Tracing extensions, which seamlessly integrate ray tracing functionality alongside Vulkan’s rasterization framework.
  • Vulkan Machine Learning, a new subgroup at Khronos to improve the solution space for machine learning in Vulkan.

After the presentation, Dennis will be hosting a live, question and answer session.

Presenters and topics:

  • Neil Trevett, Khronos Group President, V.P. of Developer Ecosystems at NVIDIA
  • Ed Mackey, PBR TSG Chair, Sr. Software Developer at AGI
  • Shrenik Sadalgi, 3D Commerce Chair, Director of R&D at Wayfair
  • Brent Insko, OpenXR Chair, Lead AR/VR Software Architect at Intel
  • Tom Olson, Vulkan Chair, Director of Graphics Research at ARM
  • Daniel Koch, Vulkan Ray Tracing TSG Chair, Sr. Graphics System Software Engineer at NVIDIA
  • Pierre Boudier, Vulkan ML TSG Chair, Technical and Business Leader at NVIDIA


我们将首先简要介绍科纳斯工业协会Kronos Group,然后从我们的工作组中了解最新动态,包括:

  • glTF(GL传输格式),一种用于引擎和应用程序高效传输和加载3D场景和模型的规范。其中将概述新近可用的“基于物理的渲染”扩展,该扩展使开发人员和艺术家可以通过渲染实现逼真的图像。
  • 3D Commerce,一个致力于创建规格和准则的工作组,以使3D资产工作流与在线零售保持一致,以便可以在所有设备上真实,一致地体验产品的3D表达。
  • OpenXR,一种开放标准,可提供对增强现实(AR)和虚拟现实(VR)平台和设备的高性能访问
  • Vulkan,新一代图形和计算API,可提供对现代GPU的高效,跨平台访问。本届会议还将包括:
  • Vulkan光线跟踪扩展,将光线跟踪功能与Vulkan的光栅化框架无缝集成
  • Vulkan机器学习,Khronos的一个新小组,旨在改善Vulkan机器学习的解决方案空间。



  • 特雷, Khronos工业协会总裁,NVIDIA开发者生态系统副总裁
  • 埃德麦克基, PBR TSG主席,AGI高级软件开发人员
  • 轩尼克 赛尔德基, 3D商务工作组主席, Wayfair的研发总监
  • 伦特因斯科, OpenXR主席,英特尔首席AR / VR软件架构师
  • 汤姆, Vulkan主席,ARM图形研究总监
  • 丹尼科赫, Vulkan Ray Tracing TSG主席,NVIDIA高级图形系统软件工程师
  • 皮埃布迪耶, Vulkan ML TSG Chair, Technical and Business Leader at NVIDIA

Who should attend: Professional Developers, 3D/Game Engine Developers, Game Developers, Browser Developers, Programmers, Productivity/Professional Application Developers (CAD, Medical, Building Information Modeling)

适宜来参加:职业的开发者,3D/游戏引擎开发者,游戏开发者,浏览器开发者,程序员,生产力/职业应用开发者(CAD, 医疗,建造信息建模)

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