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Khronos & Imagination Joint Seminar
Khronos & Imagination Joint Seminar Banner
July 19, 2022
Shanghai, China

Location: Shanghai, China
Date/Time: July 19, 2022 from 9:30 am China ST (July 6 at 3:30 pm EST | 6:30 pm PDT)

In the increasingly intelligent era, GPU, as a high-performance hardware accelerator, is playing an increasingly important role in the fields of graphics processing, general computing, machine vision, deep learning and training reasoning. Standardized APIs will further improve the efficiency and scope of advanced computing, and help developers apply their results to a wider market. In order to meet the digital world full of huge opportunities and challenges, on July 19, 2022, Khronos Group, an industry organization dedicated to open API standards, will join hands with Imagination to hold a seminar on forward-looking innovation and ecological collaboration in Shanghai.

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  • Learn about the latest developments and technical updates on Khronos' global standardization efforts
  • Introducing Imagination's latest GPU technology, interpretation of future mobile computing and sharing of technical routes
  • Ecological partner solutions and case sharing
  • The content covers mobile, cloud computing, digital consumption, AR/VR, IoT, automotive safety and other markets
  • Follow the roundtable discussions of industry hotspots
  • Global simultaneous Chinese and English online live broadcast
  • The latest progress and technical updates of Khronos global standardization
  • The latest GPU technology of Imagination, share the future mobile computing and Imagination technical roadmap
  • Ecosystem partner solutions and case study
  • Topics cover mobile, cloud computing, digital consumption, AR / VR, IOT, automobile safety etc.
  • Panel discussion focusing on industry hot spots
  • Global synchronous live broadcast in Chinese and English

Khronos Group Presentations

9:35 China Standard Time (CST)- Khronos Group Intro

  • Speaker: Neil Trevett, President, Khronos Group (NVIDIA)

10:25 CST – Vulkan

  • Speaker:  Tom Olson, Vulkan Working Group Chair, Khronos Group (Arm)

11:05 CST- Vulkan Ray Tracing

  • Speaker: Daniel Koch

13:10 CST- Khronos Parallel Computation

  • Speaker: Neil Trevett, OpenCL Working Group Chair, Khronos Group (NVIDIA)
  • Speaker: Michael Wong, SYCL Working Group Chair, Khronos Group (Codeplay)

15:10 CST- Vulkan SC

  • Speaker: Steve Viggers, Vulkan SC Working Group Chair, Khronos Group (Core AVI)

16:20 CST- OpenXR

  • Speaker: Brent Insko, OpenXR Chair (Intel)


Neil Trevett
Neil Trevett
Tom Olson
Tom Olson
Daniel Koch
Daniel Koch
Michael Wong
Michael Wong
Steve Viggers
Steve Viggers
Core AVI
Brent Insko
Brent Insko

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