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October 13th - 19th 2013
MOE faculty training seminar, China

Khronos Group is once again visiting China. We will be visiting Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen during the week of Oct.14th - 19th, 2013.

Erik Noreke, Khronos VP of Business Development will be the keynote speaker at the Chinese Ministry of Education's (MOE) faculty training seminar on Oct.14th at Tsinghua University. More than 200 professors from cities all over China will participate in this certified training program and learn more about the Khronos Group and their APIs.

During the week, we will visit local companies in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Our goal is to exchange the information on the benefits of international open standards, share the advantages of using Khronos APIs, and to discuss how Khronos can facilitate entering the international market successfully for Chinese companies. We will visit mobile, web browser, hardware, silicon and other companies in the industry.

We will finish off the week on Oct.19th with the Khronos Beijing Chapter event. (Add invitation here – Anybody interested in Khronos technologies is welcome to come). We will present an overview of the Khronos Group and the various APIs. Engineers from Khronos member companies and local companies will share their projects and demonstrate Khronos technologies in action. More details of event time and location are coming soon!

Venue: Tsinghua University, Ministry of Education Keynote
Program focus: Heterogeneous Computing
Session Title: Developing Technology & Educational Tools for Tomorrow
Speaker: Mr. Erik Noreke, VP of Business Development, Khronos Group

The graphics industry has been successful in making significant technical advances over the last 20 years through the power of open standards and industry cooperation.  Now educators of graphics technology feel the need for standardized exams to be defined to allow testing of engineering students for consistency and proficiency in these same technologies.  The presentation will examine the benefits to industry to cooperate to define and deploy portable open standards, and for educators to share resources to strengthen the teaching information base.

Mr. Noreke will first present about Khronos Group, an organization formed in 2000 that has successfully developed open royalty-free standards designed “by the industry for the industry.”  The Khronos Group is the standards body that defined OpenCL; the only widely available open standard for heterogeneous computing, deployable on multiple hardware and system solutions.  The presentation will also look at the latest technical developments for OpenCL, including some of the new features of the just released OpenCL 2.0 provisional specification.

The presentation also gives detail about KITE, the “Khronos Initiative for Training and Education” formed to create standardized exams for deployment to academic testing facilities; and courseware and tools designed “by educators for educators.”  

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