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Khronos Group glTF Status Update

October 15, 2015
Worldwide, Webinar

Event is now over

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During this virtual AR Community meeting on Thursday October 15, 2015 participants will learn about the status of the Khronos Group glTF specification, experiences with implementation and we will discuss the role of glTF in reducing the complexity and bandwidth of compressing and transmitting 3D assets for use in AR experiences.

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Presenters will share the work the Khronos Group members are doing, trends in use of glTF and how this will impact AR.

Date/Times Speakers Agenda

October 15, 2015
8 AM Pacific US
11 AM Eastern US
5 PM Central European Time
11 PM Singapore, China
12 AM Korea, Japan
3 AM (Oct 1) Australia 



Neil Trevett, VP NVIDIA and President Khronos Group

Patrick Cozzi, Cesium

Marius Preda, Institut Telecom Sud-Paris

Context and background: 

  • Why is glTF a goal?
  • What is the current status of glTF?
  • Example of glTF in use
  • What’s next for glTF?
  • Discussion

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