IWOCL / SYCLcon 2020

IWOCL / SYCLcon 2020 Banner
April 27-29, 2020
Leibniz Supercomputing Centre, Munich, Germany

Join us at the 8th International Workshop on OpenCL, including SYCLcon 2020, for three days of talks, workshops and community networking aimed at furthering the collaboration and knowledge sharing amongst the international community of high-performance computing specialist working with OpenCL, SYCL, SPIR and Vulkan Compute. The event provides a rich mix of hands-on tutorials, technical presentations, research papers, posters, panel discussions, networking and vendor discussions. It also provides a formal channel for community feedback to the Khronos Group, the industry body responsible for the standards.

OpenCL & SYCL Topics at a Glance

The call for submissions is now open and we are seeking submissions related to any aspect of using OpenCL and SYCL, including, but not limited to:

  • Scientific and high-performance computing (HPC) application development
  • Machine Learning Training and Inferencing
  • The use of OpenCL and SYCL on CPU, GPU, DSP, NNP, FPGA and hardware accelerators for mobile, embedded, cloud, edge and automotive platforms
  • Development tools, including debuggers and profilers
  • HPC frameworks developed on top of OpenCL, SYCL or Vulkan
  • The emerging use of Vulkan in scientific and high-performance computing (HPC) and comparisons to OpenCL

Call for Submissions

Be sure to checkout out the IWOCL and DHPCC++ presentations from IWOCL 2019.


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