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ISC High Performance 2022
ISC High Performance 2022 Banner
May 29-June 2, 2022
Hamburg, Germany

Event is now over

Presentations and other assets from this event are presented here. For information on upcoming events, click here.

ISC is undeniably a high performance computing conference, and therefore most of the weight of the program will rest on traditional topics involving HPC. However, a significant component of the invited sessions will also delve into machine learning, and the emerging use of quantum computing. Both areas are becoming increasingly important in the realm of high performance computing.

ISC High Performance is focused on bringing the most critical developments and trends in HPC, machine learning, and high performance data analytics to conference attendees. Be it the conference program or the exhibition, the emphasis is on how to successfully apply these technologies in science, engineering and commerce.

Khronos Related Agenda

Tutorial: Heterogeneous Programming in Modern C++ with SYCL

Sunday, May 29th 9a.m.-1p.m., Hall Y7
More Details

  • Aksel Alpay (University of Heidelberg)
  • Igor Baratta (University of Cambridge)
  • Rod Burns (Codeplay Software)
  • Igor Vorobtsov (Intel)

Paper: GPU code optimization and auto-tuning made easy with Kernel Tuner: a hands-on, bring your own code tutorial

Sunday, May 29th 9a.m.-1p.m., Hall Y8 
More Details

  • Ben van Werkhoven, Netherlands eScience Center
  • Alessio Sclocco, eScience Center Amsterdam

Paper: Modern High-Level Synthesis for Complex Data Science Applications

Sunday, May 29th 2p.m.-6p.m., Hall Y10
More Details

  • Nicolas Bohm Agostini (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
  • Serena Curzel (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
  • Fabrizio Ferrandi (Politecnico di Milano)
  • Michele Fiorito (Politecnico di Milano)
  • Vito Giovanni Castellana (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
  • Antonia Tumeo (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

BOF: Khronos SYCL: Heterogeneous Programming in Modern C++

Monday, May 30th 2:30p.m.-3:30p.m., Hall E
More Details

  • James Broadman (Intel)
  • Tom Deakin (University of Bristol)

Workshop: Portable Heterogeneous Programming with SYCL

Thursday, June 2nd 2p.m.-6p.m., Hall Y11
More Details

  • Raja Appuswamy (EURECOM)
  • Rod Burns (Codeplay Software)
  • Aleksander Ilic (Universidade de Lisboa)

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