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Host a Khronos Meetup

Do you host technology meetups, or are interested in getting one started? Khronos is committed to supporting meetups that discuss Khronos standards, by providing the following resources:

  • Content assistance. Khronos may be able to provide you with additional assistance such as presentation materials, collateral, help lining up speakers, and more.
  • Promotion. Khronos will promote supported meetups on its website and in social media. In some cases, Khronos will also promote your meetup in their newsletter.
  • Budget. Basic sponsorship is made available to meetups based on individual project proposals.
  • Khronos trademarks. Approved meetups may use Khronos’ trademarked logos in meeting promotions and collateral. Learn more about Logo files, usage guidelines, and information about how to use the trademarks.
  • Giveaways. Khronos may be able to provide stickers, t-shirts, and brochures, based on inventory on hand.

Requesting Support

Any meetup which is primarily focused on a Khronos standard is eligible for support, at Khronos' discretion. To host a Khronos meetup, complete the Meetup Support Request Form at least six (6) weeks prior to your meetup. You are required to fill in the form below. If approved, we will contact you for additional information and to discuss resources needed. We will then list your event on our website, and promote on social media.


Meetups must primarily be about a Khronos standard or about a technology enabled by or implementing a Khronos standard, with the standard being a key part of the discussion. Examples that meet this requirement are presentations, trainings, tutorials, demos, or discussions about:

  • Topics specific to Khronos standards, such as coding tips or other discussions
  • Discussions about programs and other technologies that use Khronos standards
  • Khronos specific trainings and educational overviews

The more advance notice we have about your event, the more that we can help promote it or provide you content. To request support, please complete the Khronos Meetup Support Request Form

When you submit the request form, we will contact you with approval or to ask for more information. If you have questions, please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Khronos Meetup Request Form

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