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GTC China 2020
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December 16-19, 2019
Suzhou Jinji Lake International Conference Center, China

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Swordsman Love Online Version 3: Real-time ray tracing technology for image quality innovation

Date/Time: Wednesday, 2019/12/18 - 15:30-16:15 | Session 6 (202 203)
Dong Ming, Technical Director of Xishanju
Yang Xueqing NVIDIA Developer Technical Engineer

As the world's first game that uses Vulkan Ray tracing to implement real-time ray tracing technology, "Jianwang III" fully integrates NVIDIA RTX technology, and realizes physically realistic reflection effects, large-scale caustics effects, and translucency in exactly correct order The blending effect greatly improves the quality of the game. This lecture will introduce the following: introduction to using Vulkan Ray Tracing, differences from DirectX Ray tracing, how to integrate Vulkan Raytracing into the "Sword and Net Three" engine, and some practical suggestions. Finally, we will explain in detail the existing ray tracing effect implementation schemes and the performance tuning process in the game.

Application of ultra-high resolution in media and entertainment industry and its optimization method

Date/Time: Thursday, 2019/12/19 - 13:15-14:00 | Session 6 (202 203)
Yiming Song, Senior Solution Architect, NVIDIA

Mosaic multi-screen splicing technology is unique to NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards and has applications in many industries to achieve ultra-high resolution (8K 16K), but in actual project deployment, multi-GPU load balancing has always been a headache for developers. problem. In this lecture, we will introduce a multi-purpose method to optimize rendering and video playback in a multi-GPU environment, combining NVIDIA's OpenGL multicast extension, CUDA technology and NVIDIA Codec technology.

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