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glTF Meetup #7
glTF Meetup #7 Banner
July 11, 2023

glTF Virtual Meetups

These unique Khronos led events provide 3D developers and animators an opportunity to meet up and learn how to get the most from using the glTF 3D format in their applications, products, and tools. Each event includes three or four speakers who showcase their use of glTF, as well as sharing any advice they have on best practices and tools. Each session concludes with an open “Ask the Experts” Q&A session. These live virtual meetups are FREE to attend, and registration is required to join. They use the Zoom Webinar platform, and the recordings are posted online.

Call for Presentations

We are inviting anyone who would like to share their experiences of using glTF to submit a short proposal

  • Content Creators (Developers and Artists) are invited to share details on any aspect of their glTF development (use case, asset creation pipeline, challenges faced, tips & techniques, etc.)
  • Tool Vendors are invited to share the latest glTF tooling for asset creation and display

Live demonstrations are strongly encouraged, and speakers are generally given 10-15 minutes to speak, plus 5 minutes for Q&A

Recent Meetups

Examples from recent meetup sessions can be found on the Khronos glTF YouTube Playlist.

How to Make a Submission

We have created a simple application form to help submit your proposal for a glTF presentation

Make A Submission


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