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glTF Meetup #5
glTF Meetup #5 Banner
May 2, 2023

Event is now over

Presentations and other assets from this event are presented here. For information on upcoming events, click here.

glTF Virtual Meetup

These unique Khronos-led events provide 3D developers and animators an opportunity to meet up and learn how to get the most from using the glTF 3D format in their applications, products, and tools. Each event includes three or four speakers who showcase their use of glTF, as well as sharing any advice they have on best practices and tools. Each session concludes with an open “Ask the Experts” Q&A session. These live virtual meetups are FREE to attend, and registration is required to join. They use the Zoom Webinar platform, and the recordings are posted online.


  • Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023
  • 10:00 PDT | 1:00 EDT | 7:00 CET
  • Duration: Approximately 60 minutes



PlayCanvas highlights progress with glTF

  • Presenter: Gustav Sterbrant, SNAP, inc.
  • PlayCanvas will showcare their support for 100% of the glTF specification including all ratified extensions, their open source glTF model viewer, and their brand new GLB importer for the PlayCanvas Editor.

Voice commands for 3D Shopping experiences using AI tools

  • Presenter: Brian Wachanga, Klurdy Studios
  • Immersive technologies have proven to offer a better experience for shopping online. It gives customers the ability to virtually experience products by using 3D assets. Voice can be incorporated to offer a better user experience, especially with the recent breakthrough of large language models in the AI field. This presentation will demonstrate how you can use AI tools to create dialogs between a digital experience and the end-user.

Getting 3D-CAD-data ready for web3d using NeoSpace

  • Presenter: David Prinz, INNEO Solutions GmbH
  • This presentation introduces NeoSpace, a powerful 3D editor that enables users to prepare 3D and CAD data for the web3D. The editor is based on Three.js and uses glTF as its primary working and publishing format. With NeoSpace, users can import CAD data, set up lighting and post-processing information, add annotations and interaction buttons, materialize and animate their 3D models, optimize them for web3D, and publish them. The tool includes an integrated rating system called "model performance score," which indicates whether a model is ready for web3D. Optimization focuses on real-time performance, runtime usage, and download and import speed. Additionally, the tool is fully automatable via scripting. Finally, NeoSpace allows users to publish and distribute their 3D models in the cloud as web embedments, virtual showrooms, digital step-by-step manuals, and more.


Q&A session will be held after the presentations.

Future glTF Meetups

If you are interested in giving a glTF presentation showcasing your application, products, or tool using glTF, please let us know. We have created a simple application form to help submit your proposal. Live demonstrations are strongly encouraged, and speakers are generally given 10-15 minutes to speak, plus 5 minutes for Q&A

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Recent Meetups

Examples from recent meetup sessions can be found on the Khronos glTF YouTube Playlist.



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Gustav Sterbrant
Gustav Sterbrant
Brian Wachanga
Brian Wachanga
Klurdy Studios
David Prinz
David Prinz
INNEO Solutions GmbH

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