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glTF Meetup - November 8, 2022
glTF Meetup - November 8, 2022 Banner
November 8, 2022

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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Join the Khronos 3D Formats Working Group and the glTF community for our first virtual meetup. During each glTF virtual meetup, expert presenters will share use cases, best practices, tooling updates, and live demos, plus answer your questions live. In this meetup, a trio of 3D Formats Working Group members will explain their approach to overcoming common asset creation challenges. You will be able to post questions to our speakers during the session and at the concluding “Ask the Experts” session.


  • Tuesday, November 8, 2022
  • 10:00 PST | 13:00 EST | 19:00 CET
  • Duration: Approximately 60 minutes


  • Hosted by Alexey Medvedev, Meta
  • Integrating glTF into Qt3D, Vulkan and embedded applications
    • Mike Krus, KDAB
    • View AbstractThis session will explore Kuesa, a software toolkit developed to facilitate the integration of glTF assets into applications. Kuesa is composed of a conforming glTF parser with two separate backends:
      1. One based on Qt3D which is targeted to Qt based applications
      2. One based on a custom Vulkan renderer.
      The runtime provides access to all glTF resources and can be used to modify materials, trigger animations, etc. The library also provides plugins for Blender and Maya to assist with the authoring glTF applications.
  • Overcoming the Challenges in e-Commerce Content Creation
    • Jatinder Kukreja, SuperDNA 3D Lab
    • Amit Pandey, SuperDNA 3D Lab
    • View AbstractWith the advent of real-time engines, in e-Commerce specifically, many of SuperDNA 3D Lab's clients are requesting glTF assets. Their objective is to leverage the reduced file size for faster loading and greater engagement for the end consumer/buyer. In this talk, SuperDNA’s founder will share examples of glTF assets created for the following applications, exploring content creations challenges and solutions along the way:
      1. 3D real-time engines such as 360 degree viewers, AR, and configurators
      2. Product classes needing sheen, transparency, etc.
      3. Optimization of 3D assets for use across various workflows like high poly to low poly, retopology pipeline, etc.
  • 3D in Fashion - Baking non-standard Unity materials into glTF
    • Julien Berta, Smartpixels
    • View AbstractSmartPixels will demonstrate how they are expanding their use of 3D rendering and advanced materials for the fashion industry by:
      • Demonstrating the result of an internal tool “shader distiller” that allows non-standard Unity materials to be ‘baked’ into glTF materials.
      • Showing how a hybrid tool mixes glTF and cloud rendering for an interactive and high visual quality experience.
  • Ask the Experts
    • Post you questions to our speakers and other glTF experts in this general Q&A session.


This is an online live event and is FREE to attend. Registration is required. The event will use the Zoom Webinar platform


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Mike Krus
Mike Krus
Jatinder Kukreja
Jatinder Kukreja
SuperDNA 3D Lab
Julien Berta
Julien Berta
Amit Pandey
Amit Pandey
SuperDNA 3D Lab

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