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GLSL Programming training course (getting started)
October 8-9 2009
DMP Inc. Seminar Room (2 minutes walk from JR Mitaka station) [ MAP ]

Event is now over

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The OpenGL ES roadmap has been tailored to the diverse needs of the embedded industry and contains two tracks with "1.X" and "2.X" specification roadmaps that will evolve in parallel. The 1.X roadmap will continue to be developed for new-generation fixed function 3D accelerators while the 2.X roadmap will enable emerging programmable 3D pipelines. This course introduces the world of programmable pipeline by explaining basic topics of the GLSL(OpenGL Shading Language) which is a core feature of OpenGL ES 2.x and OpenGL 2.x.


October 8 2009: Day 1 - 10:00 - 17:00 (open at 9:30) October 9 2009: Day 2 - 10:00 - 17:00 (open at 9:30)


After this course is completed, it is assumed that following items can be achieved.
  1. To understand architecture of OpenGL ES 2.0.
  2. To be able to read shader programs using GLSL 1.1.
  3. To be able to write simple shader programs using GLSL 1.1.


Attendees should have familiarity with:

  • C Language programming
  • Basic topics of 3D computer graphics and the OpenGL(ES).
  • Basic topics of linear algebra (vector notation and matrix multiplication)

This course is held in Japanese.


12 people (Seating in Courses is on a first-come, first-served basis.)

Tuition Fee

99,750 Yen (taxes included, for 1 person, 2 days)
Khronos Member: 94,500 Yen


Day 1 Day 2
  1. Introduction

Chapter I: Overview of OpenGL ES 2.0 and

  1. OpenGL ES 2.0 Overview
  2. Programmable Shader Overview

Chapter II: GLSL 1.1.0

  1. Basics of the Shader API
  2. Mixed Mode
  3. Shading Language Grammer
  1. Variables
  2. Functions
  3. Vertex Shader
  4. Fragment Shader
  5. Debugging and Tips for Development

Chapter III: GLSL ES 1.00

  1. OpenGL ES Shader Language

* Please note the topics of this course are subject to change without prior notice.

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