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Get your glTF on with WebGL/WebVR at Microsoft!
June 14, 2018
Microsoft, Sunnyvale, CA

Event is now over

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This meetup will have a special focus on glTF and PBR.

Remember the epic meetup where we scanned a pepperoni pizza onto a PBR and made a blanket out of it? That was cool.

This night should be better!


  • Saurabh Bhatia (Microsoft) - glTF ecosystem update
  • Matthew Cedeno and Gary Hsu (Microsoft) - Display your products in 3D on the web using glTF
  • Robert Long (Mozilla) - Publishing Virtual Worlds with glTF
  • Frank Galligan (Google) - What's new in glTF compression with Draco
  • Mark Callow - Compressed Texture Transmission
  • Mike Bond (Adobe) - glTF at Adobe
  • Pär Winzell (Facebook) - glTF ingestion and delivery at Facebook

Event to be held at Microsoft in Sunnyvale. Meetup will be held in the Pitch/YAW room. Main lobby will be locked. Just let the guards know you're there for SVWebGL/WebVR.

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